Eric Abrahamson
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Eric Abrahamson

Professor Eric Abrahamson is the Hughie E. Mills Professor of Business Management at Columbia Business School. He holds degrees from New York University (Ph.D. and M.Ph. Beta Gamma Sigma). After teaching at New York University, professor Abrahamson joined the Columbia Business School faculty in 1989. He has taught at the London Business School in the UK, was also a visiting Professor at INSEAD in France and at New York University.

In his applied work, Professor Abrahamson is internationally recognized for his research and teaching on innovative techniques for strategic planning and leading innovation and change.

Professor Abrahamson is the author of the book Change without Pain published by the Harvard Business School Press. The Book was awarded the top business books of the year ranking by Strategy and Business, and was ranked by them as the best book for 2004 on the topic of Change Management.  His most recent book, A Perfect Mess, 2007, has been widely publicized and translated into twenty-seven languages. Professor Abrahamson’s work has been featured in managerially oriented publications, most recently in Fast Company, Fortune, the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Economist, Fortune, and the Sloan Management Review, and many foreign publications. He appears frequently on news and radio shows.